Cerebral Palsy Exercises And Benefits


Health plays a very important role in every individual’s life. It is rightly said that health is wealth. However, well being of a person is the result of many factors such as physical activity, physical fitness and exercise. Participation in our daily activities like household work, gardening, walking or other chores will help maintain your health. Sports, nutrition and exercise can be taken part by people from all age groups and this will maintain your fitness levels. Similarly, exercise is particularly important for people with disabilities due to conditions such as cerebral palsy.

CP is a condition that occurs due to a group of neurological disorders caused because of injuries in the brain before, during or after birth. Since it most commonly affects infants and young children, appropriate treatment at the right time is very necessary. There are many significant issues that can occur in children with cerebral palsy and these can be controlled with the help of cerebral palsy exercises. Cerebral palsy condition has varying effects on children and treatment for a child will depend on the amount of severity. There is no cure for this condition and treatment that includes therapies will be given to make the person as independent as possible.

Cerebral palsy exercises play a very important role in the treatment of this condition. The benefits of exercise in these children are immeasurable since they produce a lot of energy, stress release and good feeling. Cerebral palsy exercises help children to participate in individual and community programs since they improve a person’s sense of well being and reduce stress to a great extent. They also maintain strength, flexibility, mobility and coordination of muscles. Besides, it also improves heart and lung efficiency along with benefits such as maintaining the bone structure, reducing risks of chronic diseases, assisting in weight control, blood pressure and osteoporosis.

Cerebral palsy exercises are recommended to be a part of a child’s daily activities such as dressing and feeding. These exercises should be framed by occupational and physical therapists who will decide what your child should do depending on the condition. If your child has enough motor skills, then you can even enroll him in cerebral palsy fitness program in addition to the exercises that has to be done on a routine basis. Children with CP can take up gym classes, movement experiences and other programs that the child will like and especially framed for children with this condition. You can find instructors and staff trained for this to deal with your child’s special needs and attend to him whenever required.

There are many exercises designed for children with cerebral palsy and it is the responsibility of the caretaker to apply the correct procedures so that it helps the child’s movement. These cerebral palsy exercises are framed to increase the muscle tone and encourage normal movement so that they can be independent. However, if a child needs assistance, then the caretaker should be ready to give him a hand. Consult a physical or occupational therapist to tell you which program is best for your child.