Cerebral Palsy – Danger that lurks for new born kids


According to researchers, there are about 10,000 new babies born per year in the United States with cerebral palsy. Out of every thousand born, about 2 to 3 children show signs of the disorder. More statistical data shows that there are approximately 760,000 cerebral palsied children and adults in the U.S.

Cerebral palsy is one of the most serious conditions in newborns leading to several physical disorders due to abnormal motor functions. Since these characteristics are present right from the childbirth, the disorders are carried over to a person throughout his/her life time. In other words, they are permanent although the disorders do not worsen, the exact symptoms can change over the time.

The visible symptom of Cerebral Palsy in an affected child is in its posture, body movement, speech, and muscle coordination. Even though the child is affected with Cerebral Palsy right from the infancy, the disorder comes in evidence only when they start to pick up movements.

Here are some important symptoms to watch for in cerebral palsied children:

    * Slow development-delay in movement skills

    * Tight fists

    * Lack of alertness

    * Learning disability

    * Asymmetrical body movements – movement of body one side easy than the other

    * Abnormal behavior

    * Improper way of eating

    * Changing muscle tone too high or low – may go floppy to very stiff

    * High-pitched, abnormal crying

    * Trembling arms and legs

    * Abnormal reflexes and seizures or epilepsy

    * Body twitching and eye fluttering

    * Motor disability

Children with mild cerebral palsy show occasional instances of recovery although the damage is permanent in cases of higher to severe palsy. The problems and disabilities associated with the disorder show when a child starts to learn and do things and the impact can be of varying degrees throughout the life.

Therefore, parents of children affected with the disorder are advised to take their children to professional doctors specialized in this area for specialized tests and complete examination. Recent scientific and research developments have found a number of potential ways to the therapy and treatment of this disorder. For more information visit us at http://www.about-cerebral-palsy.org/