Cerebral Palsy Child – A Look at the Causes and Treatment


There are many different forms of  cerebral   palsy , and a child can endure one or more at a time. The different types are spastic, athetoid, ataxic, or mixed. However, spasticity is most common among children, which is usually distinguished through rigid and convulsive muscles. On the other hand, other forms of this disability cause low muscle tone, leading to loose and flaccid muscles, underdeveloped balance and coordination, or a combination of these.

 Cerebral   palsy  can also lead to many other conditions, such as mental retardation, epilepsy, visual and hearing impairments, and behavioral difficulties. Although its conditions can be managed through medications, there is no permanent cure for it.

What Causes  Cerebral   Palsy  in a Child?

The main cause in children is prenatal injury to the brain. Sometimes, the cause of the brain injury is unknown, and other times there are many known factors that contribute to the development of  cerebral   palsy .

However, there are some known conditions which can either cause  cerebral   palsy , or increase the risk of it. These conditions include birth injuries, inadequate oxygen supply, premature birth, prenatal infections, like rubella or toxoplasmosis, and severe jaundice.

Thedisability can also develop after birth due to brain injuries early in life, such as trauma, dehydration, or stroke.

Treating  Cerebral   Palsy  in Children

Treatment varies depending on the child, but typically includes a combination of the following.

* Physical therapy to stretch and work muscles

* Occupational therapy, to assist with regular tasks

* Speech therapy to improve language and help with pronunciation difficulties

* Using hearing aids or glasses to correct vision and hearing impairments

* Drug therapy to reduce muscle spasms and help relaxation. Some recommended products are baclofen, phenol or Botox

* Technology which helps mobilize people and give them ways to communicate

* Improve joint movement through surgery

* Hyperbaric oxygen therapy or other alternative therapies.

 Cerebral   palsy  requires a lifetime of treatment, despite the fact that is does not gradually worsen over time. However, treatment can be very expensive, so families turn to certain associations to provide them with financial help.

When Medical Malpractice is to Blame

Unfortunately, sometimes this condition is preventable, but medical errors occur during delivery. When this happens, legal actions should take place. Negligent parties are held financially responsible for damages to  cerebral   palsy  children and their families.

If you experienced a traumatic delivery, and medical malpractice is under suspicion as the cause to your child’s condition, then contact a medical lawyer as soon as possible. Doing this will ensure you your legal rights.