Cerebral Palsy Causes – Understanding the Origins of Cerebral Palsy

A brain injury that occurs during the development of fetus or a newborn can cause cerebral palsy. The causes of brain damage are not understood by doctors although it is known that there are risk factors that can contribute to the condition such as:

Maternal Infections

The chances your baby will have some level of brain damage increases nine times if the mother gets an infection while pregnant. Some infections include:

o Urinary tract infection (UTI)

o Infection of the bladder or kidney

o Rubella

o Infection of the bloodstream such as Sepsis

o Chorioamnionitis, a uterus infection

o Toxoplasmosis

Maternal infections can be preceded and if left untreated can result in your baby developing this disability. If you are having a baby and you think you may have an infection go see your doctor to get treated.

Prenatal / Neonatal Infections & Complications

The risk of cerebral palsy increases when you have an infection during prenatal / neonatal care:

o Bacterial meningitis

o Viral encephalitis

o Group B streptococcal infection

o Herpes group B

o Sepsis

o Rh incompatibility

o Severe Jaundice

It is difficult to know precisely how these complications result in cerebral palsy. There are facts that prove that prenatal infections can lead to early labor and delivery. More evidence show that infections prompt brain damage which essentially may result in disability.

Premature Birth / Low Birth Weight

Having a baby before 37 weeks of development increases the risk of cerebral palsy. A low birth weight may be indicated as a cause. Premature infants are more defenseless than babies of regular term and they will most likely experience more complications with their health and have to be hospitalized.

Smoking, drug and alcohol use, stress, some infections of the mother, abnormal cervix, and previous pregnancies that were preterm are all factors that will put your baby at a higher risk.

Birth Injuries & Medical Malpractice

Not all cases are inherited (also known as congenital). There have been cases where a child sufferers brain damage during the actual delivery that directed in cerebral palsy. Injuries at birth can and should be prevented. Still, it does happen and here are some examples of procedures that if ignored, can result in an injury to the brain:

o Maternal infections diagnosed and treated promptly

o Identify and act upon fetal distress

o A C-section done in a timely manner

o Treat jaundice in the newborn

o Make sure there is enough oxygen to give

o Use instruments such as forceps correctly

Medical malpractice is not normally done on purpose, but what a family must go through after is unnecessary. The financial stress alone is overwhelming. It is a family's right to be compensated for the permanent condition your child is in because of neglect. Families can file a lawsuit when medical malpractice caused your child's disabilityt. There is help out there for families to recover cost for treatments, medications and other losses.

When to Talk to a Medical Attorney

If your child was diagnosed with cerebral palsy because the delivery of your baby was difficult a medical error may have occurred. You should contact a medical attorney right away. Treating a child with this disability is very expensive and can cost more than $ 500,000 over the child's lifespan. It is an unfair situation for families to be put in and that is why you may be entitled to some compensation. You can recover losses when filing a medical malpractice lawsuit and be compensated for treatments, also for mental anguish, pain and suffering and other related costs. Remember there is no cure for cerebral palsy, the cost for care is expensive, you have rights and a medical attorney can go over your legal options.