Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral Palsy is a disease in the part of the brain that maintains muscle movements. This type of illness is shown in babies and in children. It begins in this stage in early life. Even though, this disease does not progress and worsen over the years, it is still a debilitating illness. There are several symptoms associated with Cerebral Palsy. A parent may see signs in their children as early as 4 or 5 months old. However, if the child has developed this, the parents will know for sure before the age of 3. If the child feels like they can not accomplish simple tasks, if they have trouble using their legs or other muscles while crawling or walking and sees very stiff , it is a good idea to contact their doctor for an evaluation.

There is no cure at this time for Cerebral Palsy. Neverheless, there is certain treatments that a parent and child can accomplish together to have a happy and normal life. Physical therapies can give the child hope of walking normally and controlling the muscles in their body. Some medication may be provided to help maintain their brain functions that will alleviate the muscle problems and assist with any seizures. Speech therapy, voice boxes and the use of wheelchairs or braces can assist the child in controlling the muscles in their body.

There is no guarantee on the severity of Cerebral Palsy. A child could grow up having minimal needs for different types of ads and therapy. While other children may need care their own lives. An individual can not know for certain what the future holds for their children. Working with them can assist them a great deal. Even if the therapies seem not to be working, never give up hope. Some children take a long time to grasp the work that a parent or a professional tries to accomplish. Each child is different and the severity of their problems can be overcome with time.