Cerebral Palsy

A combination of a sane mind with a disobedient body is the simple definition of Cerebral Palsy. People affected by this disease behave very slow and awkward. They get laughed at and ridiculed by kids. They have drooping lips and squinted eyes. They are normally dubbed as though they are dimwits. For all you know their intelligence maybe as good as any other normal person but because of the society, the fact that they are cerebral palsied might cause them a considerable amount of distress and they prefer isolation.

Some of the causes of cerebral palsy are the following

  • Before birth causes are due to premature birth of the baby, RH and genetic incompatibility and illness of the mother before the child birth.
  • During the birth of a baby when the mother faces a prolonged labor, when the cord gets entangled around the baby’s neck reducing the supply of oxygen and sufficient glucose affecting the growing brain of the baby.
  • After the birth of the baby if the baby might suffer from cerebral palsy as a result of epilepsy, jaundice or any other reasons.

The different types of Cerebral Palsy are the following:

1) Spastic: This is the most common type of Cerebral palsy. This is where the victim’s muscles are very tense and also contracted. Here the victim might make very weak movements or sometimes might have difficulty in moving at all

2) Athetoid: There is constant and uncontrollable movements of organs such as eyes, head and limbs.

3) Rigid: Here the victim is absolutely unable to move, as the muscles don’t let them.

4) Ataxic: Here the victim finds it very hard to balance, often resulting the victim to stumble or maybe even fall.

5) Tremor: Here this type of cerebral palsy affects co-ordination resulting in uncontrollable shaking.

6) Victims suffering from cerebral palsy might also have problems due to combination of speech, hearing, vision or trouble in learning.