Cellulitis Do You Have It – Read How To Tell If You Do & Some Home Remedies

Cellulitis is a skin disease characterized by the inflammation of the skin.

Although akin to a bruise, cut or even a simple bump, cellulitis exhibits

symptoms that include swelling and redness. The inflammation caused by

cellulitis is due to a bacterial infection in the skin.

The most common cause of cellulitis is improper treatment of wounds or skin

cuts. This is because wounds that are not well cleaned may be the breeding

ground of bacteria. There are several bacteria normally found on all skin

cells. Untreated wounds or cuts may provide the avenue for bacteria to attack

the lower layers of the skin and may even reach up to its deepest layers.

The most common bacteria that causes cellulitis are streptococcus and


Those who become more prone to this disease are the ones that have skin

conditions that easily lead to wounds and open cuts. Some of these skin

conditions include dry skin, skin allergies and sometimes even those with acne,

athlete’s foot, and other common skin fungal infections.

Cellulitis can spread quickly and can lead to more extensive skin damage. If

an individual suspects having contracted the disease, immediate professional

medical attention may be necessary. Cellulitis may cause fevers and swollen

glands. To observe the signs of cellulitis, one may watch out for red streaks

along the area where the disease is believed to have occurred.

The prevention of cellulitis is very simple. The first important advice is to

observe proper procedures when treating wounds. It is important to sanitize

the area where the wound is found. This can be done by washing fresh cuts

soon after they are discovered. For deep cuts and wounds, one may dab betadine

on the wounded area. Betadine is a powerful chemical disinfectant that can

sway off bacterial infection. Persons with diabetes have an increased chance

of contracting the disease. The reason is that diabetes slows down the healing

of wounds.

The best way not to contract cellulitis is to enhance your body to be resistant

to infection. This can be achieved by taking in nutritional supplements such

as Colloidal Silver, vitamins A and E. Vitamin A is required for a healthy skin. In addition to

contributing to the skin’s youthful appearance, vitamin A strengthens the skin

to make it more resistant to infection. Vitamin E is found to be effective in

minimizing dry skin. Dry skins are more prone to cuts and wounds and wounds

are the common starting point of cellulitis.

A food diet rich in keratin, melanin and carotene would definitely improve

one’s skin condition. This means that one should take a lot of carrots, pumpkin

as well as other yellow, orange and red vegetables. However, the amount of melanin

in vegetables is considerably less active than botanical supplements.