Cellulite Treatments and Bruising

If you are getting bruised from the cellulite treatments you are receiving, ignore what the 'Bruiser' says about it being OK and not to worry, this is NOT OK! Start worrying. I will explain why, it is so important that you read this if you have ever been bruised badly by your cellulite therapist.

I can not stress enough just how important it is for you to be careful and not injure yourself any where that you have cellulite. Any scaring or bruising can seriously affect your cellulite and will make it worse!

Where ever there is damage on the body, the fat cells tend to move to the injury to help support and protect the area from further damage whilst your body heals itself.

If you also have cellulite it will bring the cellulite with it to the damaged area as the cellulite is stuck to the fat cell.

I have seen many women over the years that have had liposuction, and then later the cellulite forms around the scaring, more concentrated than any other areas. In most cases of liposuction not only has the cellulite come back but around the scar tissue caused by the liposuction, the cellulite is so hard it takes a lot of work to break it down and you will need a really good cellulite therapist to do that for you.

Bruising although not as extreme as scaring will still antagonise your cellulite and it will concentrate around the bruised areas.

If you are getting bruised over and over again, caused directly from your cellulite treatment, you must cease this cellulite treatment immediately.

I do not want to scare you but it really can be very harmful and these treatments that bruise ladies are not beneficial to you in any way.