Ceana Has CP – A Delightful Children's Book Dealing With Cerebral Palsy

Follow Ceana through a typical day of reading to her baby dolls. Does your child like to read to dolls? Ceana reads lots of books to them and they always listen. Watch Ceana work through her daily exercises of stretching. Sometimes Ceana gets a special treat from her dad with a ride on his big orange tractor. This book is playfully written and is a must read for any child irrespective of ability. The illustrations in the book will delight young and old. Ceana is a girl with a big smile who loves to play and hang out with her Grandma just like anyone else. Your child or students will love this fun, easy to understand story. Although written for ages 3 – 8, Ceana Has CP is a book all children will love. Ceana Has CP will teach your children about disabilities of all kinds in a fun, easy and child-like way. I would highly recommend it.

C. Fran Card has spent her adult life working with children and especially loves those with special needs.
In addition to raising seven sons, she has also been a school counselor, teacher, foster parent and founder of Christian Cradle, Inc. An adoption agency in Lansing, Michigan.

Ceana Has CP is beautifully illustrated by Violet Freeland who has treated others through her art. Violet has also gained recognition as one of those rare artists who touch the human heart with a charming and distinctive style. Violet studied under renamed Italian oil painter, Mina Greco Hall.