CD Clock Radio Phone – Why Every Bedroom Needs One

Have you ever slept in and been late for work? Do you depend on your alarm to wake you up in the morning? Has the power ever been off and you slept in?

You know how frustrating and stressful it can be to get up late when you needed to be at work on time for an important meeting. Teenagers also need to learn to set their own alarm clock and get up on time.

I just love this alarm clock that also comes with a CD, radio and phone. It also has batteries just in case the power goes off which can happen especially if you have a storm in the summer or winter.

Below I have listed some of the features and benefits of this CD clock radio phone:

o CID502 Description CD Clock Radio Phone- Corded telephone / CD player / clock / alarm / radio- Caller ID- 64 # Name and number memory- Caller ID call back- Battery backup – requires 1 9V battery for clock and 4 AAA batteries for caller ID (no batteries included) – Backlit LCD display- Lighted telephone keypad- Redial- Receiver volume control- Ringer hi / low / off control- Tone / pulse switch able- Multi-function stereo CD player- AM / FM digital stereo tuner- Dual alarm (2 wake up times) – Adjustable display panel (rotates up or down for better viewing at a certain angle) – Oversized snooze control- Sleep control (set radio or CD to play for a certain amount of time) – Auto radio mute ( radio mutes automatically when the phone is picked up) – Metallic silver- Approx. dimensions of base: 10 "x 8"

o 70-name / number caller ID memory (activation required)
o Clock radio with AM / FM tuner and oversized snooze control
o Auto radio mute when using telephone
o Stereo sound CD player
o Receiver volume control
o Lighted keypad
o Handset display and dial, handset volume control

A caller ID memory lets you see who is calling. This is especially handy when someone calls during the night and you do not prefer to answer it or it may be some emergency so you want to see who is calling.

I especially love the snooze control which is good if you want a few more winks but yet do not want to sleep too long. You can set the radio to come on with your favourite radio station or set the CD player to come on if you prefer to wake up to some soothing music.

The volume control also lets you set it at whatever volume you want. Some people like it set on a lower volume so it does not wake other people up. Some people prefer to set the volume up louder so that it really wakes them up and they have to get out of bed. You can also set the volume control on the phone for those people who do not speak up and you can not hear them.

If you want to know more about clock radios or the different benefits of alarm clocks you can visit our website and look at all the different options available today.