CBZ Xtreme – The Latest Sensation From Hero Honda

The latest bike that came out from the house of Hero Honda motors under the tag name of CBZ is as CBZ Extreme. However, the bike is better known by the name of Hero Honda CBZ xtreme. The alphabet "e" is actually not present in the beginning of the word "extreme" and so it is spelled as "xtreme".

CBZ xtreme bike was primarily launched as a successor to the notable bike known as the Hero Honda CBZ, which was considered the first bike in India to have four strokes engine and is tagged as a sports bike. This bike was introduced in the market during the year of 1999. The bike got extreme applause in the market and was considered a huge success which was observed due to the large fan base and fan follower it created since it is launching in the market.

In the year 2007, Hero Honda thought to launch a better and upgraded version of the early CBZ. In addition, this led to the creation of something known by the name of Hero Honda CBZ xtreme. Although the bike is more expensive than its predecessor is, but you will feel the difference while you ride over it.

In fact, you need not have to ride over it to observe the difference. There are visible differences all over the body of the bike. You will find little similarity with the normal CBZ bikes that the CBZ xtreme features for. Yes, it is true that the headlamp possesses a somewhat similar look with its predecessor but apart from that there is nothing that you can find to be of common origin in the xtreme version with the normal version of the bike.

The major difference is the presence of torque in the xtreme version which you will not find in the CBZ normal version. The major advantage that this bike features for is the inclusion of rear grip bars which is only available in this particular bike of the country. The presence of indicator lights is also a new thing that no other similar sort of bike does consist of.

Let us have a look at the specification details of the Hero Honda CBZ xtreme bike:

Fuel holding capacity- Usable 12.3 liters and reserve 1.5 liters.

Engine displacement capacity- 149.2 cc.

Engine Power- 11KW or 14.4 hp


Torque- 12.80 Nm @ 8500 RPM (9.44 ft ยท lbf)

Engine cylinder type- Single cylinder (air-cooled)

Engine type- 4 stroke OHC

Brake Facility- Front disc brake (240 mm) and Rear drum brake (130 mm)

Power disc available- Yes, at front brake

Wheels- Rear 56 P, Front 42 P

Acceleration- 0-60Km / hr. in 5.6 seconds

Apart from these specifications, the CBZ extreme bike comes with a compact designable body which is much comfortable for the rider to operate and primarily features for a swift turn in facility. The bike is mainly available in colors of black, red (candy blazing & sports), metallic silver, and vibrant blue.