Cavitation Or Non Surgical Liposuction

Non surgical liposuction, often known as cavitation, is the most effective method of removing fat from the cellulite areas, with effects that are very similar to those of traditional liposuction surgery. In addition to this, ultrasonic cavitation is based on low frequency waves, which form small gas bubbles called cavitational bubbles, contributing to the reduction of fat cell membranes. In the end, fat is absorbed by the lymph and drained through the lymphatic system.

Cellulite is a disorder caused by a hypodermic unaesthetic medical condition. The degeneration of fat tissue occurs as a result of hypertrophy, which is nothing more than an increase in the fat cell volume, combined with water retention and stagnation of fluid in the intercellular spaces. The adipose tissue should be able to satisfy the body requirements at all times. As a consequence, a good preservation of microcirculation and fat mass, as well as a normal distribution of fat molecules are very important. Cellulite is also caused as a result of the alteration of the most important metabolic functions of the body.

How is cavitation performed?
There are three main stages of cavitation, after which fatty areas will be completely melted. First of all, the ultrasonic device is attached to the fat area, which is also treated with an accelerated fat burning cream for about 20 minutes. During this period, the active byproducts contained by the cream penetrate the skin, reaching the cell membrane.

The second step lasts for about 30 minutes and involves the use of another similar device in certain areas of the body. The effects are instant and the reduction of cellulite will become visible at this stage. Finally, a drain massage will be performed in order to accelerate blood circulation. In this last step, melted fat will also be removed.

What are the benefits of cavitation?
From the start, cavitation reshapes the adipose tissue and reinvents the body. In addition to this, the fat will be visibly reduced after a very short recovery process. The risk of cellulite nodules appearance is completely removed, while the subcutaneous tissue is oxygenated. During treatment, a more or less intense sound can be heard by the patient.

Who can undergo cavitation?
Non surgical liposuction addresses everyone, with some minor restrictions. For example, most surgeons will refuse to operate patients with heart problems or those suffering from vascular diseases. The treatment has a fixed number of sessions, while a consultation is estimated at an hour and a half.