Causes, Treatment and Prevention of Nose Bleed


Commonly known as nosebleed, Epistaxis is the incidence of bleeding from nose. Nosebleed is quite a common problem that people have to face often since the nasal part of the body is rich in blood vessels and is positioned vulnerably on the face. Even the slightest amount of trauma to the nose can cause Epistaxis.

The common nose bleed causes include:

Sharp blow to the face or particularly in the nasal area
Nose picking
Dry weather or chest cold or flu
High blood pressure
Nasal allergy
Intake of certain medicines
Use of alcohol or even drugs like cocaine
Deficiency of vitamin C or K

HIV/AIDS, pregnancy, tumour etc also can be nosebleed causes sometimes

Treatment of nosebleed:

Between the thumb and index finger pinch all the soft parts of nose together
Hold the nose for 5 minutes minimum. Repeat this until the bleeding stops
Keep the head elevated to prevent blood running down the throat
Check to see if there is any foreign body inside the nose and remove it as necessary
Apply crushed ice in a washcloth to nose and cheek
Stay calm
Once the bleeding stops don’t pick or blow nose and for a while use mouth to breath instead of nose to avoid straining

Prevention of nosebleed:

To fight dryness, apply petroleum jelly or vitamin E oil around the nose area
Don’t do nose picking
Consult physician to check hypertension on anaemia and blood pressure
Keep natural based bio polymers handy to stop nosebleed

Though nosebleed is a pretty general problem and is not life threatening, but you should not ignore it at all. It can often be irritating and troubling. To make the problem easier, there are many remedies and treatment options available. There are specialized devices such as natural based bio-polymers that can be inserted into the nose without any discomfort to quickly stop the bleeding. Once inserted, these absorb the blood, promote healing and later, after the bleeding has stopped, allow easy removal.