Causes, Symptoms and Treatments for Penile Thrush

Women seem to get all of the attention when it comes to thrush also known as Yeast Infection or Candida Albicans. It’s a very unpleasant disease for men to suffer from too and it’s extremely common.

Do you think that you have thrush?

Maybe you woke up this morning and to your surprise it burned like nothing before when you went to the bathroom and you had something red and inflamed around your penis. Of course gentlemen your first thought is going to be that your girlfriend or wife gave you something but believe it or not, you may just have a simple case of penile thrush. Yes this sounds horrible but it can be cured and it is not going to be the death of you. Although you may feel like it for just a little while because of the discomfort.

There are many things that can cause penile thrush in men so it is important to try and figure out how it came about in the beginning so you can keep it from happening in the future.

One of the main contributors is diabetes. If you are diabetic than you know that your blood glucose is going to be higher than normal and this makes you very vulnerable to infections that involve yeast. Thrush also loves any place that is moist, warm and dark and let’s face it guys, unless you are walking around as though you are on a nude beach, it is the perfect place for breeding.

Now, some of the symptoms that you may have could be the same as those of other health related issues. But, a few of these symptoms together as well as the telltale rash and irritation should help you deduce that penile thrush is likely to blame for what you’re feeling.

These are going to include a severe itch around the penis area along with a serious burning feeling when you urinate. This is going to be very painful and you are going to feel as though you could just drop to your knees and beg. You are also going to see a large red dot that has many little ones all around it and you could even have pus that looks like a thick white cheese.

Are you freaked out yet? Don’t be.

You can treat penile thrush very easily and from the comfort of your own home.

The first thing that you need to do is make sure that you are wearing cotton underwear that is loose fitting. This will keep the area dry which is important to getting rid of it and keeping it away.

You also need to keep the area clean so after showering you need to make sure that you dry down below as never before. If you can bring yourself to do it, sleep in the nude so that the air may make contact with the area and help the healing process.

You need to pay particular attention to your partner to make sure that when you have thrush that she will probably get thrush also or in fact my have given it you in the first place. Either way it will ping pong back between both of you so take precautions by using a condom until you are completely cured.

Eating the proper foods will also provide you with a treatment that gives you relief from penile thrush and works continually to keep thrush away.

Add yogurt to your diet with active bacteria.

This is a great way to be able to fight the evil bacteria in your body and replace them with the good bacteria that you need to fight thrush off and get you healthy.

If you are a chronic sufferer then it is important to make these changes and stick with them.