Causes, Symptoms and Treatment for Sinusitis in Children

Sinus infections or sinus allergies are one of the most prevalent afflictions today. It is uncomfortable and debilitating at times and affects both, adults and children alike. It goes without saying that sinusitis in children are more difficult and parents should arm themselves with as much information on its cause, symptoms and what sinus treatment is best for their children.

* Sinusitis Causes – Sinuses are hollowed spaces around the nose that are usually moist. There are four sets of these spaces that are located in the cheekbones, forehead, behind the nasal passes and deep in the brain. The same mucous membranes that are found in the mouth and nose are also found in the sinuses. The nasal passes swell and generate more mucus during an allergy attack or a cold. This causes the passage to be blocked and the mucus to be trapped in the sinuses. When this happens, bacteria, fungi and viruses can develop and lead to sinusitis.

* Sinusitis Symptoms – The symptoms for sinusitis different for kids of different ages, so parents should take that into account.

Very young kids often develop symptoms, like a low grade fever or a stuffy or runny nose. Parents should bring their child to their doctor if a fever develops 5-7 days after the cold symptoms started, because this could either mean sinusitis or another type of infection, such as bronchitis or an ear infection.

With regards to older children and adolescents, one of the most common symptoms of sinusitis is a daytime dry cough that has not disappeared even after a week. Other symptoms to look out for are dental pain, ear pain, fever, headaches, nausea, pain behind the eyes, tenderness around the face, upset stomach, and worsening sinus congestion.

Parents should also be on the lookout for colds that last for more than 10 days, without showing signs of improvement or colds that worsen after a week and immediately consult their doctor. Allergies that do not react to the usual medications are also a warning sign that parents should take seriously.

* Sinus Treatment – There are numerous treatments open to parents, which children are suffering from sinusitis. One easy sinus treatment that parents can do is to simply change their home environment or lifestyle to lessen sinusitis attacks. For instance, using a humidifier during winter will be a big help. Keeping the air at 45% -50% humidity will prevent dry air from irritating the sinuses and lower the incidence of sinusitis.

Doctors would also prescribe antihistamines, decongestants or oral antibiotics for sinusitis cases that are caused by bacteria. However, for sinusitis triggered by a cold or a virus, over the counter cold medicines can help alleviate the condition.

Sinusitis or a sinus attack is not contagious per se. However, parents should take extra precaution if the condition was aggravated because of a cold, since this virus can easily spread among other family members. One of the best sinus treatment that parents can take on their children is to have them wash their hands frequently, especially when they are sick, to minimize the spread of germs.