Causes of Snoring and How to Stop Snoring

Do you snore or do you know someone who snores? It is quite irritating sleeping with someone who snores or even just hearing it, right? Well, you should not worry because there are ways to reduce snoring or totally stop snoring. The important thing is that you must understand its cause so that you could find ways to treat it.

Snoring is very common to be experienced but most likely men undergo this because they have narrower air passages compared to women. Those who do not frequently snore, usually, experience snoring after drinking alcohol, when suffering from a viral disease or when taking some medications.

There are various reasons why people snore – it can either be controllable or uncontrollable. Factors such as heredity – when narrow air passages, enlarge adenoids, cleft palate and other physical attributes are inherited; allergies, asthma, colds or sinus infections; and age (as we get older, our throat gets narrower and muscle tone in the throat decreases) are just examples of uncontrollable factors of snoring. On the other hand, there are also controllable factors like being overweight, smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages, sleeping posture, or if a person is under medication.

Anyone can really be agitated if his or her partner snores all the time that is why some couple decide to sleep separately in order to have a good night’s sleep. However, this arrangement can cause tensed relationship due to lack of physical intimacy and bedtime chatting. Therefore, it is not advisable and recommendable for couples who experience this dilemma.

Nonetheless, there are ways and tips that you may use and might be helpful in your situation:

1. It is effective to reduce snoring when you lose weight – this diminishes the fatty tissues in the back of the throat. As a result, you will be able to breathe easily and better when you sleep.

2. Elevating the head of the bed and sleeping without a pillow, or specially designed pillow can make your breathe easier.

3. Sleeping in different position. If you are sleeping in one position like the supine position, it is advisable that you try to sleep on your sides.

4. Avoid fatty food, smoking, alcoholic beverages and medications before going to bed.

5. Make sure that your nasal passages are clear, if your nose is stuffy, then, it will make inhalation difficult and your throat will vacuum, creating you to snore.

Snoring is not a contagious disease that you must be afraid of. Everyone experience this, thus, you must not be ashamed.