Causes of Smoking – Two Diseases That Will Affect You

Smoking causes a multitude of diseases. Diseases are caused by smoking because tobacco products contain cancer-causing and disease-casing ingredients. The severity of the illness is directly related to the length of time smoking and the products used in smoking.

Two diseases caused by smoking are tar lungs and smoker's cough. When you smoke, tar accumulates in your lungs. The lungs, through minute hair-like filaments called cilia, will remove tar. But if tar accumulation is too much, this will damage the lungs leading to tar lungs. The body will now look for other ways to remove tar and that is through coughing. This is the beginning of smoker's.

Cancer-causing substances, or carcinogens, are plentiful in cigarettes and tobacco products. These cause smoking to produce many types of cancers. Lung cancer is one of them, 87% of lung cancer cases in the United States are caused by smoking. A person who smoked at some point in his life has a 1 in 10 chance of developing lung cancer. If he continues smoking, the risk becomes 1 in 6. Passive smokers have a lung cancer risk of 20 to 30%.

Other cancers caused by smoking include cancers of the oral cavity, esophageal cancer, pancreatic cancer, laryngeal cancer, and many more.

Nicotine causes constriction of blood vessels which leads to blockage. The effects of nicotine cause smoking to develop diseases like heart attack, atherosclerosis, stroke, and peripheral vascular disease. Smokers below 40 years of age are 5 time more likely to suffer a heart attack. Passive smokers have a heart disease risk of 25 to 30%.

The ingredients in cigarettes and tobacco products also cause smoking to affect the immune system. Smokers have an increased risk of acquiring infections like common colds, chronic bronchitis, invasive pneumococcal disease, tuberculosis, and many others. Smokers who consume at least 20 cigarettes a day increase their tuberculosis risk by 2 to 4 times.

Exposure to substances commonly found in smoke, like cyanide and carbon monoxide cause smoking to produce emphysema and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Aside from these diseases, death is also caused by smoking. 2.5 to 10 year