Causes of Ovarian Cyst – The Real Cause is Not What Doctors Tell You

Women of all ages can have ovarian cysts, especially during childbearing years. They can be detected by symptoms or even discovered when you go for a routine examination, although you may feel just fine. When diagnosed, conventional treatment of ovarian cysts usually consist of 3 stages: keeping an eye on the cyst to see if it disappears by itself, birth control pills to stop ovulation, and lastly surgery.

The typical explanation that doctors give for the cause of ovarian cysts is an abnormality in the ovulation process which produces the cyst. However, this is not the real cause of the cyst, but purely the bodily function that takes place. The real cause for the abnormal function of your body is usually a hormonal or insulin imbalance which is at the root of this malfunction. This is what needs to be treated in order to dissolve the cysts and to prevent them from returning.

This is why birth control pills and surgery are not effective in treating the cysts. Birth control pills control the ovulation as long as you take them, but do not correct the cause. Surgery removes the cysts, but does not prevent them from returning. They only treat the outer symptoms, and the cysts keep coming back because the body has not changed.

In order to dissolve your cysts and stop producing them, what is required is a change in diet. Going to a high fiber diet and reducing your sugar and carbs is the basic diet to treat this condition. There are natural supplements and vitamins to aid you on your way to getting rid of this condition and curing the cause of your cysts.

If you understand the causes of ovarian cysts then you can get the treatment that will heal your body and get rid of your cysts. Otherwise, your condition will remain the same and sometimes get worse, and can last for years. As long as you do not address the cause of your condition, you have not really treated it effectively, and the cysts will continue.