Causes of Obesity in America – Obesity Help

Causes of obesity for Americans are easily discerned. The simple facts are that we eat too much of the wrong foods, we eat them in improper manners and we fail to exercise. Obesity statistics clearly show that the US is among the very fattest countries on the entire planet – and simultaneously provided the most advanced and intelligent. Hmm. Obesity in America continues to increase at record numbers as do obesity diseases like diabetes, heart disease, kidney failure, arthritis and many others.

Child obesity rates are also skyrocketing. The poor eating habits of parents are directly transferred to their children – along with the health issues that were once thought to be reserved for adults. Staggering numbers of children and young adults are developing completely preventable diseases as a result of any and all of the following:

Causes of obesity in our children:

  • Never being taught about the laws of nutrition;
  • Being "rewarded" with junk foods and fast foods for good behavior;
  • Having parents who are "just too busy" to plan and prepare healthy meals at home;
  • Being allowed to spend hour after hour in front of computer monitors, television screens and video gaming devices instead of being made to participate in regular physical activities;
  • Being allowed to determine their own eating patterns and food selections;

Obesity-based diseases are killing our society. It is known that over 30% of all Americans are considered overweight and / or obese now. Child obesity rates have increased by over 20% since 1980. Over 57 million people in the US are thought to have pre diabetes and over 85% of them are overweight and / or obese. Over 80% of all heart disease patients are overweight and / or obese.

The causes of obesity have very little to do with genetics in the vast majority of cases. Our human genetics have not changed for thousands of years. It is impossible for the rampant obesity rates to have been caused by genetic predisposition over the past 30 years. What obviously has changed is our eating habits, the foods we eat and the fact that we are a lazy society of sedentary people. Obesity help is available. It simply takes the true desire to implement positive lifestyle configurations within your family.

The causes of obesity can be easily turned around with a little diligent effort and consistent attention. Reversing obesity is not a part-time endeavor; it requires a lifelong commitment to loving yourself enough to choose health over nutritionally-void foods. By taking the first step and educating yourself about the devastating health issues associated directly with obesity, you are empowering yourself to begin your own life-enhancing program for proper diet choices and everyday exercise bouts. Congratulations for that!

Take control over your health today. Be a positive leader for your family and friends to look up to. Commit to a healthy lifestyle starting right now and soon you will recognize the causes of obesity as the enemies to your health that they are.