Causes of Numb Feet

Numb feet are the result of damage of peripheral nerves in a condition known as peripheral neuropathy. Peripheral nerves are the extension of the nerves from brain and spinal cord which get affected by peripheral neuropathy resulting in tingling sensation, pain in the extremities but more commonly the feet. Peripheral neuropathy first results in tingling feet over a period of time and then affects the hands. Muscles and organs can also be affected. Due to gradual onset of the symptoms, diagnosis is delayed causing late neuropathy treatment and more damage to the numb feet. Once diagnosed, tingling feet can be managed by using neuropathy creams and Capsaicin medicines for pain relief.


Numb feet present themselves when the nerves in the foot fail to send a signal to the spine and brain. There can be many causes for the nerve damage or the numb feet such as diabetes, physical injury, systemic diseases, poisoning, malnutrition and alcohol abuse, hereditary and infections.


Physical injury is the most common cause for nerve damage. Recurrent injury during sports, accidents, falls, fractures and slipped discs account for neuropathy causing tingling feet. Due to other physical trauma, nerves can be detached and damaged and may result in permanent damage.


It can also result from poisonous substances such as nitrous oxide, heavy metals like lead, arsenic or mercury, drugs, industrial chemicals and toxic compounds like sniffing glue. Drugs which cause numb feet are isoniazid, phenyton, ethyl alcohol and drugs for blood cholesterol and affect the sensory nerves.


Numerous trials have shown that drinking alcohol on a daily and prolonged basis can cause alcoholic neuropathy. This can be very painful and easily avoided. The combination of alcohol abuse and malnourishment can expedite nerve damage and magnify the symptoms. Vitamin B especially folate and Vitamin E deficiency are thought to affect the nerves and cause damage resulting in associated neuropathic symptoms.


Diabetes is a leading contributor to nerve damage. This can cause a numbness and tingling in the feet and hands. Other diseases causing this type of neuropathy are uremia, atherosclerosis, liver failure, hypothyroidism, acromegaly and vasculitides. In addition to this some bacterial and viral infections can also cause numb feeling in the feet or neuropathic conditions. These are leprosy, shingles, chickenpox and HIV infection. Certain autoimmune diseases such as Guillain- Barre syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis or systemic lupus erythematosus and inherited diseases like Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease and Friedreich’s ataxia are responsible.


Regardless of why you suffer with nerve pain, it is important to know that there are treatment options availbale. You best option for treatment will be a natural remedy that won’t burden you with side effects. The best way to accomplish this is through proper supplementation of vitamins that doctors have shown to work. Vitamins B1, B12, B6 and alph-lipoic acid have proven to be the most effective way to reverse and eliminate nerve damage.