Causes of Low Back Pain – 3 Diagnostic Methods Used

The onset or continuous feeling of pain in the lower back is quite uncomfortable. This condition will surely affect the quality of your life negatively. If this is your case, then you definitely need treatment that will alleviate the condition. Still, you will need to go to the physician who will examine you and carry out proper diagnoses to determine the cause.

The following are 3 of some of the diagnostic methods that the doctor will apply to identify the cause of that low back pain you have. You need to understand these methods so that you don’t get perplexed when your doctor recommends any of them for you.

1. X-ray Imaging – This is a diagnostic method in which X-ray is applied to detect any broken bone in the lower back. This is also applied to identify injured vertebrae. This method is a painless, non-invasive procedure, which can be performed at a clinic or in a doctor’s office. X-ray cannot identify tissue masses such as ligaments, and injured muscles.

2. Computerized Tomography (CT) – A doctor may recommend this procedure for you to diagnose if your back pain is as a result of spinal stenosis, disc rupture or damage to any vertebra. This procedure makes use of computerized scanner to detect any defects in the internal structures of the body. This procedure can be conducted in a hospital and in an imaging center.

3. Discography – In this procedure, the spinal disc may be identified as the cause of the low back pain and a contrast dye is injected into the disc to outline the damaged area. Doctors may recommend this diagnostic method for you if you have not responded to other treatments. Also, Discography can be recommended if you were considering undergoing lumbar surgery.

These are a few of the diagnostic methods often recommend by doctors for identifying low back pain in you.