Causes of Discoid Eczema

Eczema can be of the dry or wet type. It is neither infectious nor heretitary. It is also not caused by any kind of allergy. Actually, no exact cause of Eczema has been found yet. Discid Eczema can affect all age groups but mostly middle age and older men. In younger people it runs along with Atopic Eczema while in adults it can be associated with stress and irritation. In kids it is sometimes caused by bacteria.

Some of the causes of Discoid Eczema are ostensible skin injury like insect bite or burn and autoczematization. Manifestation of signs of Atopic Eczema can also show the presence of the disease especially in children.

Symptoms of the above disease are non itchy round patches on the body specifically on the lower parts of the legs which may appear one at a time or randomly. The shape of the patches is irregular and they may be several centimeters or two millimeters. These patches which can be red, brown or pink often clear up without leaving any sign behind. However if the skin is dark the marks may stick for a long time. This type of Eczema is more difficult to get rid of than Atopic Eczema.

The following safety measures should be taken when suffering from Discoid Eczema; protect your skin from injury and avoid substances which may cause irritation to the skin. Use emollients to moisturize the skin. Inflammatory creams and ointments are also accessible on prescription. Different types should be tried in order to get the most suitable to the skin. They can be applied on patches two times a day for fifteen days. Oral or topical antibiotics are needed if the Dermatitis is howling or sticky especially at night. Photo therapy can also be done for several times a week. Systematic steroids which can be taken by mouth or injections is also a type of treatment which can be applied for several conditions