Causes of Asthmatic Bronchitis

Asthmatic bronchitis or chronic bronchitis is a result of not having acute bronchitis properly treated. This is an obstructive condition of your body's respiratory organs. The mucus membrane, bronchial tube and other respiratory organs and tissues used for breathing became obstructed by irritants like dust, pollen, and chemicals or enhanced by viruses.

The body naturally fights these irritants however, when the immune system goes down, the irritants can easily get into the body causing such health problems including asthmatic bronchitis. The bronchial tube produces mucus that gives the respiratory organs protective cover. Additionally, the soft tissues, bronchial tubes and mucous membranes of the respiratory system are covered with cilia. These are hair like structures that prevails irritants and viruses from getting into the lungs.

Being exposed to irritants for a long time allows airborne particles and viruses to easily enter the organs causing infection and inflammation. Because of this, excess mucus is produced by the bronchial tube. What does this lead to?

This result to laborious breathing in some cases and so medical attention is immediately needed. Bacteria can be taken by taking appropriate drugs improving the condition. Steroids and medicines for inhalation can be administered to treat patients. Medicines are helpful in removing congestion in the airways caused by the excess mucus.

What is the major cause of asthmatic bronchitis?

External agents rather than viruses or bacteria are the major cause of this health problem. These external agents include dust, pollen, change in temperature, air pollution, etc. cause hyperactivity in the respiratory tract. The common signs of this type of bronchitis are difficulty in breathing, coughing and pain in the chest portion while breathing and wheezing. As much as you can, keep away from external irritants that aggravate the situation.