Causes of Anxiety Attacks – What Causes Anxiety Attacks?

An anxiety attack mainly occurs due to sudden fear or sudden anxiety. This is a common condition affecting more women than men. Some people experience attacks once or twice during the time of stress, while other people may expect it few times a week. A panic attack will be diagnosed if there are at least 3 anxiety attacks within 3 week period. Many people are suspected with heart attacks due to intense feeling of fear.

They can be managed and there are treatments to cure them. Body’s reaction to feared situation causes this psychological condition. When the brain misinterprets a situation that’s life threatening it leads to anxiety attack. When faced with a life threatening situation one must face the danger or run away from it. These attacks happens when this feeling gets out of hand. Few important symptoms of this condition, include:

  • Increased Pulse Rate
  • Excessive sweating
  • Shortness of breath
  • Chest Pain
  • Fear of Dying

They can happen anytime and anywhere. It can range from 5 to 30 min. Symptoms may last a little longer. For different people there are different causes for anxiety attacks. We need to identify all this causes first.

Some of the causes of anxiety attacks include:

  1. The prolonged working pattern with computers may lead to this condition. To avoid this, regular work pattern must be broken. It is also advisable to take regular breaks.
  2. Losing body control. Nervousness will slowly build up which will lead to anxiety attacks.
  3. Incidents from past life. For example there might be a break up in family or the loss of a family member can lead to anxiety attacks.
  4. Some people may experience unpreventable attacks due to organic causes which can be cured by consulting doctors and consuming drugs with mild dosages.

It’s always better to seek advice from medical professionals who can understand the underlying cause which gives you an idea of dealing with it in future. Always keep your brains operating at its best whenever an attack occurs. Stop the attack before it starts… Prevention is better than cure. Knowing your causes will help you do that. Get to know when you are pushed to unstable conditions. Always keep in mind that you are safe. Following the link below, may give you a lot more info on these attacks, causes and possible cure.