Causes of an Itchy Rash – Why You Have an Itchy Skin Rash?

Today you will learn the causes of an itchy rash and will answer the question why do I have an itchy rash? Are you suffering from symptoms of itchy skin, symptoms of itchy scalp or symptoms of an itchy rash? If so then today’s article will shed some light on the most likely cause and how to identify the reason you’re suffering from it.

Please keep in mind as well, that the following 3 causes are not commonly known in conventional medicine and this is the reason why so many people continue to suffer. Modern medical doctors denounce these causes a great deal out of ignorance, but the bottom line is that these causes have been proven in alternative medicine to be leading causes of symptoms of an itchy rash.

3 Likely Causes of an Itchy Rash

Parasites – Most people don’t realize how common it really is to have parasites in their bodies causing health problems. In fact most people have some form of parasitic infections. It really isn’t that hard either when you consider giardia a common parasite is found in most tap water around the world, including the tap water in 1st world countries like the USA. Various other parasites can easily be picked up from animals and many other sources.

One of the most common symptoms of parasites are skin problems, particularly rashes. It would be wise to take a test or get diagnosed but even better to simply do a parasite cleanse as most blood tests will rarely tell you if parasites are in your body since most will live inside the tissues themselves.

Undiagnosed Allergic Reaction – Many people also suffer from undiagnosed allergic reactions which can result in rashes. Very often these reactions can be a result of foods you eat every day and take for granted such as dairy, wheat, soy, corn etc. Once the food is removed from the diet a change can occur where-by the individual sees significant improvements.

Nutritional Deficiency – Lastly a major cause of an itchy rash is often a nutritional deficiency. When given the proper nutrient often a combination of EFAs, zinc and biotin an individual can see rapid improvements and often their rash will go away.

Other causes of an itchy rash – Two other major causes are ringworm and a yeast infection. These typically occur in the genital area but can also appear beneath the breasts in women and under the arms.

What to do next? The best thing to do would be to have an alternative doctor or naturopath diagnose you as they will be able to identify the problem as well as provide a natural solution as opposed to convention medicine which will only provide answers with drugs. Online tests can also be found to help identify what you’re suffering from.