Causes ,effects symptoms and treatments of colon cancer

Colon cancer:Colon cancer is also called as colorectal cancer. Colon cancer is referred as malignant tumor in which there will be an unusual growth of cells inside the colon or rectum than the required rate.

Colon cancer starts from the inner lining of the large intestine, this is the common part for the occurrence of colon cancer. So removal of these colonic polyps can prevent from the occurrence of colon cancer.

During the early stages of the colon cancer, there will be no symptoms or signs. Fully developed colon cancer results in causing symptoms like rectal bleeding, weight loss, bloodstream in the stool and bowel obstruction.

Causes of colon cancer:
Age: Generally aged people will be suffering from cancer due to the presence of polyps (glands) .if the age is above 50 years, there will be more chances of getting cancer due to the increase in risk factors.

: Taking of alcohols will reduce the performance of body immune system which causes the chances of occurring cancer disease.

: Diabetes leads to the occurrence of colon cancer due to insulin dependency at high rate.

Diet: Diet plays an important role in defining cancer. Taking fat foods with low fiber content will definitely causes cancer. Planning proper diet menu with rich fiber foods helps in preventing cancer from occurrence.

Environment: The surroundings in which you live and work also leads many risk factors for causing cancer. So, maintain proper surroundings.

Family pedigree: Family hereditary may cause cancer, but if you reduce the risk factors by staying healthy can prevent you from cancer.

Genetics: Many of the researchers suggest that 30 percent of the cancer cases have a genetic links.

Gender: Many of the research programs say that men are more often to face cancer than women.

Obesity: Obesity increases the chances of having colon cancer due to decrease in immune rate in the body system.

Polyps: polyps (unusual glands) increase the chance of having cancer. These polyps are due to excess growth of cells in the colon region or due to the family pedigree.

: This activity is the major risk factor in causing cancer. Smoking leads to lung cancer and also causes several side effects like digestion problems, burning sensation, headache and site blindness. So avoid smoking to prevent cancer from occurrence.

Colon cancer symptoms:

Sleep disorder: Due to severe illness, stress, emotional pain, usage of drugs and loneliness are the driving factors for causing sleep disorder. People suffering with colon cancer will generally face this disorder .

Nausea and vomiting: Body hormone changes, pains, body inflammation, poor blood flow and anxiety are the causing factors of nausea and vomiting.

Fatigue: Due to the treatment process of this colon cancer ,body faces severe exhaustion or tiredness.

Delirium: This side effect occurs in the last period of life .Delirium is nothing but the malfunction of the brain due to severe attack of cancer in the body.

Constipation: Constipation occurs during the early stage of the cancer. Constipation means slow movement of body waste through the body. Due to constipation the body faces illness.

Effects of colon cancer
The risk factors for the cause of colon cancer are due to the family pedigree or growth of one or more polyps in the large intestine and also due to the bulge of the intestine. These risk factors can be reduced easily by taking low fat foods with rich fiber content.

Treatment of colon cancer:
Colon cancer can be treated easily by going for surgical operation for the process of removal of colon polyps (unusual growth of glands) in the large intestine. Surgery is carried to remove the cancer tumor. Surgery can be carried in the early stages of the tumor occurrence. Surgery is taken place only if the cancer is located in only one part of the body. During the surgery process the damaged lymph nodes are also removed along with the tumor. Active surveillance can be taken when the colon cancer grows slowly. Doctor keeps on monitoring the cancer growth in the body, if it starts to grow rapidly, then you can go for the treatment process at that very time for preventing it from re-occurrence.

: Radiotherapy is a process of removing cancer cells by using high intensity x-rays. These high energy x-rays are aimed at the cancer affected part of the body to destroy the cancer cells .this process also causes damage to the normal cells for its side effects.

: Chemotherapy drugs are called as anti-cancer drugs used to destroy cancer cells .there are many types of chemotherapy drugs available in the market for the treatment of cancer. These drugs are available in the form of pills but mostly given by drip into the blood veins. Chemotherapeutic drugs attack the  cancer cells by stopping their unusual growth. The nature of this head and neck cancer cells were brought to the normal condition by controlling the divisibility of the cells.

The chemotherapy drugs are given in the following form
• In tablet or pill form(head and neck)
• By taking injection(Intravenous or intramuscular)
• Injection taking in the (Intrathecal)

Colon cancer is treated by the following mentioned programs. Colon cancer is treated as a cancerous disease because of its effects and causes. Treating of colon cancer must be carried in the early stages to reduce the risk factors entirely to stay safe.