Causes and Natural Treatment For Ovarian Cysts

Many women have cysts on the ovaries, which are fluid filled sacs which sit on the surface. For most women, they do not cause significant problems but for some, they can cause intense pain and menstrual problems. There are believed to be a number of causes for ovarian cysts, although it can be difficult to determine the precise reasons why they might have grown.

Conventionally, there is little which can be done, although natural treatment for ovarian cysts can work very well providing the woman has the determination to see it through and accept that she will have to play an active part in her own treatment.

The common causes, or “risk factors” for the development of ovarian cysts include:-

* Irregular menstrual cycle

* Beginning menstruation before the age of 11

* Prior history of ovarian cysts

* Infertility

* Being overweight (particularly having upper body fat)

* Hormonal imbalances

* Taking Tamoxifen

Natural treatment for cysts on the ovaries can consist of various strategies. Three of the most popular remedies are:-


Eating and drinking foods which are naturally diuretic can help to reduce overall fluid levels in the body which, in turn, has a direct effect on the quantity of fluid within the cysts. Eating parsley, a natural diuretic can help as can drinking green tea and cranberry juice. Other good foods to include are artichokes and cucumber. Eating a low fat diet rich in organic fresh fruits and vegetables is great for sufferers.

Drinking plenty of fluids

When allowed to dehydrate, the body’s organs become diseased and deteriorate. One simple natural treatment for cysts on the ovaries includes drinking plenty of filtered water-a minimum of 2 liters daily.

Reducing Estrogen Levels

Excess estrogen is implicated in ovarian cyst growth, so reducing levels of this hormone can help. Estrogen can form in fat cells, so reducing overall bodyweight where appropriate can help. Also, try to reduce the consumption of non-organic meats which can sometimes contain estrogen. Sometimes a liver detox will also help to reduce estrogen levels.