Causes and Cures For Ovarian Cysts – How to Stop the Suffering and Regain Your Lost Freedom

You may already know this but sometimes it is useful to do a quick recap. Ovarian cysts develop on one or both of your ovaries and are usually sacs filled with waty fluid. They are similar to blisters and in fact their size can range from a tiny lump to a cyst that can reach the size of a mango.

Amongst all the different varieties of ovarian cysts, the most common one is the functional cysts. Most of them are benign and usually require no further medical intervention and treatment.

So, do we really know what causes ovarian cysts? Well, in short yes know that ovaries grow an egg each month and when the ovulation begins, a lump will start to form inside the ovary. As soon as the pocket or as it is called the "follicle" breaks, then the egg is released. When pregnancy does not occur during the ovulation period, the normal course of action is for the empty follicle to disappear on its own.

It is during this very delicate process that most ovarian cysts begin to develop and grow.

As explained previously, the most common of all cysts is the functional one. Women can also develop some slightly more complex ones such as the dermoid, endometrioma or cystadenoma cyst.

The usual symptoms that you experience as soon as the cyst begins its growth are pain in the lower abdomen as well as some bloating and the need to urinate frequently.

Of course, the pain is totally dependent on the actual size of the lump. Some women have experienced no symptoms whatsoever while others have reported having had extremely painful periods or even painful sexual interference. Some bleeding can also occur at times and mainly outside of the normal periods. If you are experiencing such symptoms, then by all means you need to visit your doctor to make sure that it is the correct diagnosis.

Those who have already been told that they are suffering from ovarian cysts have probably been given two options; either surgery or hormonal therapy. To be very blunt, these treatments are only covering up the symptoms and would not prevent further lumps to develop at a later stage. These treatments work short-term but will not be able to get rid of the condition for good. So, this is the reason why many women are now turning to a more natural and holistic form of treatment for which the results have been astounding.
A step-by-step guide can show you exactly how by working with your body and your biological system you can very simply start shrinking your cysts in a matter of weeks. A combination of gentle exercises, dietary advice and herbal remedies can help you treat the causes of your ovarian cysts and make sure that they do not come back later.