Causes and Care of Foot Swelling

Our feet take a beating each day, and we often neglect them until it is time to make sure they are looking good for flip flop or sandal season when the weather gets nice each spring. Your feet can tell you more about your health than you think, and if you are going through a period of foot swelling, you may be wondering what is going on and what you can do to make it stop. Our feet take us everywhere, and they can also make it so that we can not move if there is a problem. Watch your feet for swelling and other problems so they don’t let you down.

One of the most common reasons for foot swelling is being on your feet all day. Many recommend that you buy shoes later in the day because feet can swell up to half a size (sometimes more) during the day. If you were to buy your shoes early in the day, they may not fit well at night, making your feet hurt when you wear them. Swelling is normal as long as you don’t see too much of a difference day to day. Put your feet up when you can and the swelling will go down throughout the night while you rest. This foot swelling is normal, as long as it is normal for you.

You can also experience foot swelling during pregnancy. This is why so many women can not wear their normal shoes near the end of their pregnancy. Foot swelling during pregnancy can start as soon as the second trimester, so don’t be shocked when it starts happening to you. Again, put your feet up and give them a rest when you can to reduce this swelling. If your swelling seems severe, and goes up your legs, you may want to see your doctor. Excess swelling of the feet and legs signals a complication with your pregnancy that may require immediate medical attention.

If you require an IV for any reason, foot swelling can occur. Slow IV that is only run once may not do much to your feet, but if you get IV antibiotics, for example, you could end up with feet that you don’t even recognize. This is normal, and your doctor or nurse should warn you that this may happen. The fluid has no where to go, but your body will work it out overnight or within a few days. If this does not happen, consult with your doctor about what you should do about your foot swelling problem.

When your feet swell out of nowhere for no reason that you can see, you should be seen by a doctor. For some reason your body is not flushing out fluids like it should, which may be a simple problem or it could be something more serious. If your foot swelling is not typical for you, and they do not go down within a few hours, try putting them up while you put a call into your doctors office. Hopefully it is a freak occurrence, but you should make sure you have it checked out. Foot swelling is usually nothing to worry about, but it can signal a bigger problem.