Cause and Effects of Obesity – Why Are So Many People Obese?

Obesity is a national epidemic here in the United States. If you disagree with me go to any mall or place where there is a large amount of people. You will see that very few people are in shape, and many are out of shape and obese. The cause and effect of obesity can be described by this: Too much food and not enough exercise! Look at a label on most fast food we eat or at most restaurants. Most meals are over one thousand calories or over half of our daily allowance of calories.

Now we need to take into considerate on exercise. This is the second cause and effect of obesity in America. When we are younger we are outside all day riding bikes, playing hide and go seek, or playing sports. Fast forward to after college and most people are sitting behind a desk in a cubicle working for 8 hours a day. Then they get home, watch some television and then go to bed. There is no exercise whatever. Of course people are going to get obese when they consume massive quantities of calories and do not burn them off.

We need a revolution all over the world if we want to combat obesity. The cause and effect of obesity can not be combated directly. We have to combat different aspects differently. We need to change our eating habits and then attack the lack of exercise. If we do this either separately or even together we can change how many Americans are obese and extend the lives of countless people all over this nation.