Catch a Cheating Boyfriend – The Modern Way to Expose a Cheater


Nowadays, with access to sophisticated technological tools and gadgets, it’s easier then ever before to catch a cheating boyfriend or a husband having an affair. We truly live in extraordinary times, and if you suspect that your boyfriend is cheating on you, don’t hesitate to take action and use all those options that might not have been available to women just a few years or decades ago. This brief article will give you some clues how to catch a cheating boyfriend, a cheating spouse, or unfaithful husband the modern way.

Well, how do I catch a cheating boyfriend?

When starting to spy on a boyfriend whom you suspect to be cheating on you, his computer is the place to start. Check your cheating boyfriend’s browser history. See what websites he visited.

Also search for pictures on his computer, he might have received some from other women.

Get access to his email account. Look for emails moved to the recycle bin and always check the folder with sent messages. Even if guys try to cover their trails and delete messages received from other women, they often forget to delete their own responses.

When spying on his computer, beware of using key logger software. Note that you are only permitted to install such software on a computer that you actually own yourself. It is illegal to use it on anyone else’s PC. If your cheating boyfriend uses your PC, though, or the computer belongs to the two of you, you can get such software for your computer easily – it will keep track of all activities, every key stroke and even can do screen captures.

If you want to watch your cheating boyfriend’s steps and to know where he is, use GPS tracking. All you need to do is get an extra cell phone and set it up with Google Latitude. It’s free. Than place the phone under a seat in his car, but remember to turn on silent mode to mute any sounds the phone could make.

This way you will be able to track your cheating boyfriend and will have proof and evidence of where he is going. Once you know where he was headed, you can ask him where he has been and you actually know if he’s lying to you.

A much easier technique is to take notes of the car mileage reading in your cheating boyfriend’s vehicle. If you know how far he has to drive between home and his place of work, school or college, look for variances in the readings. Low mileage can be just as much an indicator for a cheater as a high one. If he said he was at work but the reading says he traveled much more distance or he told you he had to go out of town but there has been barely a change in the mileage, you should start worrying.

Also look for ATM slips or check the bank account statements if you have access to it. Check for unexplained withdrawals, note the date and time of the action and most of all look at the location of the ATM.

When getting all technical, don’t neglect traditional tip-offs though, such as perfume or lipstick on his clothes, female belongings found in his car, such as maybe an earring. Observe if he always takes a shower as soon as he comes back home or over-dresses when doing mundane errands.

Above all, keep in mind to be cautious about the techniques described here, as being exposed could actually hurt your relationship or give the cheating boyfriend the opportunity to turn the tables and set up you as the offender.