Cataract Non Surgery Treatment – 7 Natural Treatments For Cataract

Looking for a cataract non surgery treatment? In this article you’ll learn popular cataract natural treatments and one miracle plant that can treat 80 disorders including cataracts. I value your time so let’s get started.

Carrots – They are considered to be the most important as far as natural treatments for cataracts are concerned. You can either eat the carrots raw on a daily basis or make a fresh carrot juice to be taken two times a day.

Pumpkin Flowers – Medical experts recommend the juice or extract of the pumpkin flower. You can apply the juice in your eyelids at least two times a day for 15 minutes. Some natural remedy advocates suggest putting a few drops of honey into the eyes will be helpful.

Aniseed – This is one of the best natural treatments for cataracts. You should take around 6 grams of aniseed on a daily basis every morning and evening. You can also prepare a mixture of aniseed, corriander powder and brown sugar. Taking a dosage of twelve grams is recommended.

Garlic – Just consuming a few cloves of garlic everyday in the morning will also help. The garlic’s juice aids in getting rid of the crystallization of your eye’s lens and clear away the opacity. You also get double benefits because taking garlic also helps to improve your cardiovascular system.

Vegetable Salad – Eating raw vegetable salad is also effective for treating cataracts. Your eyes are going to be revitalized with essential vitamins especially vitamin A.

Almonds and Pepper – Pound 7 kernels of almonds together with one half grams of pepper in water. If you don’t like the taste just add sugar candy.

The Miracle Plant to Treat Cataract