Cat Vomit – The Whys, and Ways to Resolve it Naturally

Cats vomit. It’s part of who they are. Just because you don’t like the mess, doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s an unhealthy sign, that you need to take action. Let’s first look at some of the reasons why cats vomit and then if, when and what you need to do.

Cats are very clean animals. They spend many hours grooming themselves. This means, that even in short haired moggies, they ingest a lot of fur. The best way a cat has found, to get rid of this is to vomit it back up when it has formed a firm ball. This is a perfectly normal and natural reaction, one which is more in evidence in the moulting months of spring and autumn, when they discard one coat for another, more appropriate coat.

Even though this fur ball may be mixed with food occasionally, it is little cause for alarm.

Cats also eat grass as a natural cleansing action. When they have a mildly upset stomach, they will graze on a little grass, only to bring it back up soon afterwards. Often this is simply accompanied by saliva. This is a natural and normal part of being a cat. By denying an indoor cat access to grass, merely for the sake of clearing up a few messes, is denying your cat access to good, natural health.

Cats on a healthy raw meat and bones diet will also tend to occasionally vomit up shards of bone. This is another normal and natural, healthy part of being a cat. There is absolutely no need for concern.

Cats can also vomit when their health is compromised. And it’s only with experience that you will get to learn what is healthy cat vomit, and what isn’t. Essentially it’s important not to panic, not to immediately seek help. Watch and see what pattern, if any, develops. Healthy animals have a huge capacity to resolve acute disorders, when given the chance.

A cat who is vomiting from a health disorder will naturally want to fast. Digestion takes a huge amount of energy, and this is needed to help rebalance your cat’s health. So again, if you cat is vomiting and refusing food, this is not necessarily any cause for alarm. It’s in the natural order of things.

Vomiting accompanied by diarrhoea is normally the result of food poisoning. This purging is a healthy sign your cat is coping well. A healthy cat will have strong symptoms initially, tapering off as the situation passes.

However, an unhealthy cat may need help, particularly if you feed your cat a commercial cat food. There have been so many cat food recalls because of dangerous ingredients, it is far better to take control and feed your cat a homemade cat food, one you know is always healthy. One which won’t allow your cat to become a statistic.

A healthy cat is fed a natural, healthy, homemade cat food. Feeding your cat a commercial cat food can lead to severe ill health, even death. Can you afford to take the risk?