Cat Pneumonia – an Owner’s Guide to Pneumonia in Cats

Pneumonia in cats is a serious condition.  It occurs when there is inflammation in the lungs.  The condition can quickly become life-threatening as it progresses.  As the disease advances, your cat will have more and more trouble breathing.  It can effectively be treated if caught early enough.


The inflammation in the lungs is a condition caused by bacteria.  However, this is usually the result of a viral infection that affects your cat’s lower respiratory tract.  Common viruses that can result in cat pneumonia include feline parainfluenza virus and calicivirus.


Pneumonia in cats is easily noticeable as your feline will appear extremely ill.  He will stop eating and drinking which can lead to dehydration, a potentially serious condition.  As the disease advances, your cat will have breathing difficulty.  Some cats also develop a fever.


As mentioned earlier, cat pneumonia is caused by bacteria.  Therefore, treatment involves the use of antibiotics.  It’s important not to discontinue this medication too soon or the bacteria may become resistant.  As you already know, some cats with this condition experience trouble breathing.  These cats will need to be provided with supplemental oxygen.

When your cat goes back home with you from the vet, there are a few things you can do to make him more comfortable.  Make sure he has a warm, dry place to rest.  If you can, you should also be a humidifier in the room.  You will also need to prevent your cat from exercising too hard, or he may experience more trouble breathing.