CarMD Diagnostic Tool

Servicing your car doesn’t come cheap. Especially if you don’t know what the problem is and whether your mechanic is giving you an honest assessment or taking you for a ride. The best way to avoid getting cheated is to have at least an inkling of what the problems with your car might be (if there are any) before you head on out to the shop.

These days it is easy to get your own self assessment of the problems that your car might have. A lot of tools out there on the market are available to assist us in doing things for ourselves, and assessing your car troubles on your own before you hit the repair workshop is one of them. There are many do-it-yourself devices on the market, and one affordable option is the CarMD diagnostic tool that won’t cost you and arm and a leg like other gadget might.

The CarMD diagnostic tool is an easy to use handheld device which you can connect to your car’s On-Board Diagnostic II port (also known as the OBD II port for short) in order to get an assessment of your car’s status. Simply locate your vehicle’s OBD II port location, plug it in, turn on the ignition and wait while it gets a reading on the status of your vehicle.

Once it has emitted several beeps, then you know the CarMD diagnostic tool is done with the assessment and it is safe to be removed from the OBD II port. One of its three LEDs will light up and you’ll know that it is ready to be unplugged. Getting a reading on the state of your car is easy enough, just refer to the three LED lights to give you an indication of what the problem is.

The LEDs come in three colors – red, yellow and green, similar to that of a traffic light. If the green light comes on, breathe a sigh of relief because that means your vehicle is fine and there is nothing to worry about. The other two lights (yellow and red) will give you an indication of what is wrong might be wrong with your car, which you can investigate further by running the online report that comes with the device.

The online report can be as detailed as you want it to be depending on the information you’re trying to retrieve. At least this way you’ll have an idea of what your car troubles may be before you head to the workshop.