Career Prospects of MD in Forensic Medicine for Indian Students

MD in Forensic Medicine can be taken up as a three-year long post graduation degree. It focuses on applying the scientific principles in investigating a crime. Under this program, aspirants get to take up subjects like forensic toxicology, forensic science, law and medicine, medical jurisprudence with legal procedure as well as autopsy. The curriculum comprises both basic and specialized concepts related to medico-legal responsibilities that come with practicing medicine and carrying out crime investigation.


Anybody who takes up this field of study can render such technology services to home, health and law departments that involve medico-legal work, the process and courts of crime investigation. Aspirants who want to take up this course in India, should fulfill the minimum prerequisite of higher secondary education and a bachelor degree from a recognized educational institution.

Job Prospects

Now, the most important question is that why anybody would take up this course of study in our country. The rising demand for a forensic scientist in both private and public sectors has further created several job opportunities in this sector. Future professionals get to work as a criminologist, research assistant, investigator, forensic scientist in different government, public and private organizations. Such organizations comprise CBI, private investigation agencies, police and All India Institute of Medical Sciences.

Scope and Bright Career Ahead

Several government institutions, such as banks, railways, armed force department, forensic labs and insurance companies recruit forensic scientists. Professionals who have gained some experience of relevance in this area of criminology may set up private detective agencies of their own to perform operations. They mostly pay attention to specialized areas of crime like murder, robbery and rape. The area of criminology and forensic science has huge scope as it deals with finger print analysis, drug abuse, child abuse cases, anti-piracy, DNA analysis and microscopic tissue investigation.

Pay Scale and Lucrative Package

While you get ample exposure working in this field, your pay package can scale a lot higher depending upon the position you are employed in. Those working as government employees get a fixed salary with additional benefits but those who are private detectives, can have a varying package based on the complexity level of cases they handle. If you are an Indian student or looking forward to study in India, then you have a lot of colleges to choose from.

Institutes to Study in India

Some of the top colleges in the country include Osmania and Gandhi Medical College in Hyderabad and B. J. Medical College, Ahmedabad. If you want to study in the capital, then Safdarjung Hospital, University College of Medical Sciences and Guru Teg Bahadur Hospital and Maulana Azad Medical College in Delhi can be preferred.