Care And Treatment Of Diabetes

There are three different types of diabetes and each requires different treatment. Diabetes is not curable, it is a life long disease that can however be kept under control with proper care. Type 1 diabetes care – this type of diabetes is also known as insulin dependent diabetes; it often starts in childhood or before the age of 20. This type of diabetes occurs when one's immune system gradually attacks and destroys the cells in the pancreas that produce insulin.

These are the typical symptoms of Type 1 diabetes:
frequent urination
excessive thirst
unexplained weight loss
unexplained hunger
blurred vision
numbness of lower limbs or tangling sensation
tiredness and fatigue
dry itchy skin
sores that are slow to heal
nausea, vomiting and stomach aches

People with Type 1 diabetes must use insulin daily failing which, can lead to glucose fluctuation in the blood stream and that can turn into an emergency situation at times. Proper monitoring of the blood sugar levels can alleviate the fear of having to be faced with such an emergency. The control of the sugar level can now be done right in your home with a specialized easy to use machine.

Type 2 diabetes care – in this case of diabetes the body fails to use properly insulin which is needed to take and use sugar from the blood cells, thus, causing high blood sugar.

Treating type 2 diabetes often needs planning your meals carefully in order not to raise blood sugar in the blood; when this step is not enough you will need to take specific medicines to bring down the blood sugar.
In due time diabetes can cause severe side effects such as:

kidney failure – which can be rented only by kidney transplant
Heart attack
Amputation of limbs

The main way to take control of your diabetes is to educate yourself and learn how to efficiently keep down the blood sugar levels in your body. This requires perseverance on one's part especially if you are taking care of a minor. Constant checking of your blood sugar level, often 4-5 times a day will help you take charge and do not have to deal with an emergency situation.