Cankles Definition – What Are Cankles and How Can You Get Rid of Them?

Have you started to get some swelling around your ankles and are looking for a cankles definition to see if you have cankles. Cankles are when the calf seems to stretch down to the ankle and give it a swollen appearance. In fact, cankles form for a number of different reasons including water retention, weight gain, poor blood circulation and poor muscle to in the are of the ankle. Most people who suffer from cankles simply hide their ankles as they believe there is no possible way to get rid of them to get back their cankles definition.

The truth is that with the right exercise regime, the right foods to get rid of water retention and some simple over the counter supplements, cankles can be a thing of the past, for ever. Exercises such as ankle inversion and eversion with the resistance of a thera-band can help to tone up the ankle from side to side. An exercises such as the calf raise can tone up the back of the ankle.

Some people have gone to such lengths as to opt for liposuction surgery to get rid of the blood pooling in the area and also to get rid of the fat that is stored in the area. Any type of cosmetic surgery should only be a last resort when it comes a simple thing like cankles (fat or swollen ankles).

The over the counter supplements that will help to get rid of cankles and bring back cankles definition, are very effective. They act as a circulation booster to aid the heart in pumping the blood back around your body, so that it does not pool in your ankles.