Canine Vomiting – Common causes you should know


Dogs sometimes vomit and there is nothing wrong with that if these episodes don’t occur very often. But the frequent episodes can be a real sign that the dog has a serious problem. There are a lot of causes for dog vomiting and here are the most common ones.


If the gastrointestinal tract has a problem, then the dog could get serious episodes of vomiting. The bladder can also get damaged because of the trauma. The dog could also be vomiting because of an obstruction. If the dog swallows a gold ball, a string or a toy, he can get an obstruction. This is why these small items must be kept away from the dog.


If the dog is experiencing kidney failure, he could be vomiting a lot. The kidneys are responsible for eliminating the waste products. If they can not do their job, then the dog’s body will accumulate a lot of waste and cause the dog to vomit. Kidney failure could result in severe dehydration and that is really bad. A medical examination at the vet is recommended.


Pancreatitis is another cause for canine vomiting. The inflamed pancreas can cause vomiting and also abdominal pain. The pancreas can also get different tumors and vomiting is one of the symptoms of pancreatic tumors. Only through different sets of analysis the vet can determine if it’s pancreatitis.


Dogs are known to be very greedy. They sometimes eat till they fall on their back, especially when they are little. Dogs also like to try out new things and they sometimes eat garbage or many other things. Sometimes they can even ingest damaged food or poisoned things. Usually, if eating is the problem, after a few episodes of vomiting the dog will fell much better.