Canine Heart Murmur – A Complete Guide

There is an estimated 3 million dogs that are diagnosed with canine congestive heart failure every year – that's a massive 1 in 10 dogs. In this article we will give you all the facts that you need as an owner to understand the signs and symptoms of a canine heart murmur. This disease is actually caused when your dog has changes that have affected the heart valves. Other causes of this condition can be due to age, anemia, disease, high blood pressure and even through inherited congenital defects. Below we have listed some of the signs and symptoms of the condition.

  • You may notice that your dog has difficulty breathing
  • Your dog may really struggle with any exercise – either not wanting to go for a walk or struggling during the walk or after.
  • Your dog may appear very lethargic and not very active
  • Watch for signs of fainting – if this happens then you need to get your dog to the vet fast
  • Examine your dogs mouth – you may notice that the tongue, gums and even the mouth appear blue in colour.
  • Your dog may appear very weak finding normal tasks very difficult
  • Watch for behavioral changes.
  • Your dog may start coughing.

There are a number of ways that a heart murmur is diagnosed including

  • Through chest X-rays
  • Your vet may take blood tests to test for the condition
  • Past medical history will also aid the diagnosis of the condition
  • The vet may undertake an Ultrasound as this can also diagnose the condition
  • The vet may also undertake Echodiagrams.

A canine heart murmur is a serious condition and needs to be fast and Effectively Treated for your dog to have the best chance of Relatively Reviews living a normal life.