Canine Bordetella – Diagnosis and Treatment of Bordetella in Dogs


Dog Bordetella

Bordetella, also known as infectious tracheobronchitis or “kennel cough,” is a highly infectious bacterial disease of the upper respiratory system. If left untreated, bordetella can develop into severe pneumonia in your dog.

Dog Bordetella Symptoms

Dogs infected with bordetella most commonly exhibit a dry, hacking cough. Other symptoms may include:

· Runny nose

· Fever

· Lethargy

Dog Bordetella Treatment

Mild cases of bordetella may be treated with antibiotics, bronchodilators, and/or cough suppressants like HomeoPet Cough. More severe cases must be treated with antibiotics such as Clavamox.

A canine bordetella vaccine is available. While it will not completely prevent your dog from getting the disease, it will significantly decrease the severity of the symptoms.

Bordetella is easily transmitted through the air, so if your dog is diagnosed with the infection, make sure you isolate it from other dogs until it has recovered.

Because coughing can be exacerbated by the use of a collar, it is suggested that dogs suffering from bordetella wear a harness until symptoms subside.

Bordetella, also known as kennel cough, is a disease that is easily prevented through a vaccine and set of yearly boosters that keeps your dog safe from this infectious disease. And, even if your dog does not usually spend any time in a kennel, it is important that your dog be protected. From time in the vet’s office to a simple weekend stay with the groomer, “kennel cough” is a disease that is easy to catch. Prevention is the best cure. Keep youtr dog safe from kennel cough.