Canine Bone Cancer – 3 Things You Should Know!


When it comes to canine cancer, canine bone cancer is one of the scariest. Why is it scary? Just reading about some of the things that the cancer can do to your dogs body will make you cringe. This type of cancer is very aggressive. Meaning that it not only grows in your dogs body, it attacks and maims. Leaving your dog a shell of his former self. But like all cancers, with knowledge and information, it can be beaten.

Some of the scariest things about canine bone cancer are:

1. Hemangiosarcoma – This is one of the many types of tumors that can develop from cancer. This type is fed by your dog's blood. Without going into too much detail, this tumor can kill your dog from rupturing, causing internal and external bleeding.

2. Osteosarcoma – This type of bone tumor actually grows inside your dog's bones. Replacing regular bone with tumor bone, which is extremely fragile and painful for your dog. Not good.

3. Mestasis – This basically means that the cancer can spread to other parts of your dogs body. His brain, spleen, liver, etc, etc. Mestasis is one of the leading reasons why you might have to euthanize your dog.

As you can see, canine bone cancer can be very aggressive. Doing things that other forms of cancer can not. But like all cancers, early detection almost always has a good prognosis. That's why it's very important to keep a watchful eye on your dog. If you happen to notice any symptoms of cancer, you should take them to a vet ASAP!

In many cases, the owner does not realize that their dog has cancer until it's too late. Knowing the symptoms of canine bone cancer, keeping a watchful eye on your dog, and frequent visits to the vet at the first sign of trouble, are your dogs only defense against this incredibly fatal disease.