Candidiasis With Chronic Fatigue and Fibro, Thrush, and Other Symptoms and Diseases

Candidiasis is a very serious problem, especially when it is accompanied by symptoms and other diseases such as Chronic Fatigue and Fibro, thrush, your throat hurts etc. To get your fibro under control, you must find a very good massotherapist. You also must treat other symptoms and diseases as well.

To remove candida, you need to get rid candida totally out of your body. Beside the treatment, you can do pre-treatment first. Those are:

1) Cut out sugar from your diet

2) Taking a lot of vitamins, including herbal supplements such as Pau D’Arco, Garlic, acidophilus etc. But you must consume this after consultation with your doctor

Another symptoms and diseases that you may have beside what listed above are trouble to digest vegetables, and having terrible sinusitis. For the latter, you must cut down on dairy to thin mucus. Only use soy milk for your drink.

To treat your candida, you can use homeopathic remedy. However, certain people don’t want to not be able to take any mint or tea tree oil. Another option is to take caprylic acid, again this has given terrible mood swings for several patients. Alternatively you can adjust your food.

Don’t eat simple carbohydrates such as potatoes, don’t eat processed food. You can rotate food families at least four to five days. If you find yourself having difficulty in digesting vegetables, take Betaine HCl. It is common with candida that you have low-acid or lack of enzymes. For sinus problems, it is excellent idea to use either Nystatin powder diluted in water or GSE (grapefruit seed extract).