Candida Symptoms – Candida Rash

Yeasts are always present in our body – that is a well known fact. Many sites on the internet mention the colon as a reservoir for yeast, and the place where all the yeast infection begins. And very small number of sites mentions the presence of Candida Albicans on the skin. Statistically speaking, skin yeast infections are quite common. Fungi are living on the skin surface remaining harmless, till a certain event called injury trigger occurs. It can be an antibiotic administration, immunity collapse or just a stress. And the most frequent species found by microbiologists are the Candida species. Most frequent of them is Candida Albicans.

There are several types of fungal skin infection: thrush (technically it is located on mucosa), body rash, diaper rash, athlete's foot.

Also Candida Albicans can cause some other infections in the human body; such are vulvo-vaginal candidiasis, Candida pneumonia or even systemic candidiasis. The systemic candidiasis is a pretty dangerous – it is lethal in 75% cases. However, most myctic infections are harmless, just with uncomfortable symptoms or manifestations. Only persons with seriously weak immune system are in the larger risk.

Fungal diaper rash is pretty common among babies wearing diapers. Diaper rash is normally treated with over the counter (OTC) drugs. Generally that would be the remedies that contain ketokonazole, nystatin or terbinafine.

If you suspect the rash you have is caused by Candida, a good idea is to go and see a doctor, before you'll start your own treatment.

Another good idea is to combine the medical treatment, prescribed by doctor, with some candida diet elements. It involves avoiding sugar (no cakes, no bread, no muffins, no donuts, etc).
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