Candida Rash – When to Worry


Candida lives within our bodies as a form of yeast, and for the most part will pose no threat to our health-that is until something happens to upset the PH balance of the body. This will cause candida overgrowth, and a candida  rash  will develop in the infected areas. If there is extreme overgrowth of this yeast it can lead to severe health problems.

Our bodies have a certain amount of good bacteria, and if these are killed then candida albicans will strike. It will grow unchecked and attempt to inhabit all parts of the body. This is where a candida  rash  will manifest itself. There will be itching and inflammation.

Women will often get this  rash  in the form of a yeast infection. Men can experience it on the penis. Both sexes can be affected by this organism, and it can be spread through sexual contact as well, so if you are experiences symptoms, keep this in mind.

Candida resides in the mouth, intestines and the throat, and if there is overgrowths of candida you may experience dry mouth, sore throat, stuffy nose, abdominal pain, water eyes, and mood swings when it becomes severe enough. There are many other symptoms as well when it goes untreated for a prolonged period of time.

Cause To Worry

If not treated, candida can break through the intestinal wall and this is where real trouble begins, as it spreads throughout the body. More candida  rash  will develop. A physician may prescribe anti-fungal medication, but if an antibiotic is suggested, then overgrowth will become worse.

The immune system can be compromised and other problems will develop, leading to other illnesses. The only way to treat candida is to radically change the diet and begin treatment with certain herbs. It is difficult to treat but not impossible. The diet is a major factor in treatment.

All foods that contain yeast must be avoided. No fungi foods such as mushrooms. No sugar, fermented foods or well aged cheese are among the major groups to avoid. Fruits are eliminated and fruit juices. Ketchup, mustard and other condiments that contain vinegar are prohibited.

One must strictly adhere to this diet and treat with powerful herbs for at least twelve weeks. Once symptoms begin to subside then the prohibited foods can be re-introduced gradually.

Taking probiotic forms of acidophilus and eating yogurt with active cultures is recommended, as well as plenty of fresh garlic daily, which will also work to kill candida off. Avoid alcoholic beverages. These contain yeast.