Candida Overgrowth Symptoms – What Are the Main Symptoms of Candida?


Candida overgrowth symptoms differ from person to person. We cannot say that everybody has the same symptoms. Not anyone has the same candida effects as we have a different body. However, there are some common patterns which are easy to recognize.

When we are born we were exposed only to the mother bacteria from the womb. During our lifetime, we are exposed to numerous bacteria but not all are bad. Actually, some of them help us digest the food and maintain good health. One such example is the so-called probiotics. This is a substance which helps grow the micro-organisms in your gastro-intestinal tract and help restore the balance in your body.

The candida overgrowth occurs when the balance between the good bacteria and the bad one is lost. This happens due to many things but the most important one is our diet and life-style. Eating an excess of carbohydrates in your daily meal will produce the so called dysbiosis. Also eating too many sugary products will produce the overgrowth of yeast fungus. A weak immune system will also trigger the growth of bad bacteria in our body and a candida albicans attack is produced.

For people who has already suffered from yeast infections before, recognizing the symptoms of candidiasis is easier and so, they can take proper measures to cure it. However, if it repeats all the time, than you suffer from chronic yeast infection or even a systemic candida and more complex treatment is required.

You know that your symptoms are those of candida overgrowth when you noticed itching, burning and soreness over the affected areas. Most affected persons are women and men on the genital areas. Women may experience a vaginal discharge. Others symptoms are pain during urination or during intercourse. Oral candida known as thrush have a white patches and a red soreness on the tongue. It may be feeling painful during swallowing.

Knowing the right symptoms of candida overgrowth can help you take the right actions to treat it and get rid of candida forever. Ignoring the symptoms, as some women do, may make your symptoms and conditions worse and much more difficult to treat.