Candida Enigma Stripped Naked


Not many people know that the person on whose doctrine has established today's entire science of medicine, western medicine if you will, is Louis Pasteur and his germs theory. On his death bed Louis Pasteur last words were – "Bernard (referring to his contemporary Claude Bertrand) was right, the germ is nothing – the milieu (the environment within) is everything." Okay, but what does this have to do with candida?

Actually, it is everything about candida right there, in that one line. It is your body, the Milieu, then its low pH, that allows fungus to live inside of you. If this would not be so, candida which thrives in acidic conditions, low pH therefore, would pack up and leave. In order to correct this problem and cure candida, one must change his life style and his diet.

First, what one must realize is, that it was there wrong doing, their poor choices that bought candida in the fist place. I know, that this is the part that nobody likes to hear. I know I did not. But like always, there is a choice. Learn the truth and find healing or live in lies and stay sick till the rest of your life.

If you decided you want to learn the truth, this is what you have to do. You have to stop eating junk food! It's junk food and poor quality foods, all making body extremely acidic, that got you the disease. If you just stop eating sugar this wont solve your problem. Yes it is true that one must stop eating refined and processed sugars, like white sugar or high fructose corn syrup, because they are stripped of all alkaline minerals, which are needed to carry oxygen, but what we do need is, complex complete carbohydrates.

Complex complete carbohydrates that have all needed alkaline minerals, that can carry oxygen, must be in your diet. So if you learn how to eat foods that are going to keep the pH of your body high, then on the alkaline side, this will make conditions for candid unacceptable to to live in. This is of course if you want to take your own health into your own hands and be the only one responsible for it. On the other hand, Big Pharma is offering full spectrum of "highly successful" drugs, and they all from A to Z are making your body even more acidic. Make Your Choice!

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