Candida Die Off Insomnia – Can Insomnia Be Cured By Anti-Candida Diet?

Someone I know has been diagnosed with allergies to dairy products, nightshades, aspartame, sugar, chocolate, and Candida albicans. He suffers from IBS, chronic joint pain, weight gain, and chronic candida die off insomnia. He has pretty much eliminated the allergy causing foods but have seen no abatement in the symptoms. In addition, he is not following an anti-Candida diet. What he asks is: has anyone experienced insomnia as a primary symptom and experienced improvement with diet?

Personally, when my symptoms were at their peak, I had difficulty lying flat because of tightening in the chest. I used to be so tired, fell asleep straight away and then about half an hour later woke up with chest pains, a hollow feeling, and a lot of flatulence. I would spend most of the rest of the night pacing up and down. After I began to find out what it was really about, I began drinking hot water and fresh ginger root first thing in the morning as a kind of flusher. I also kept mineral water by my bed at night which helped.

One night when I woke up again with the same symptoms, I went downstairs and made myself the ginger root in hot water. And it did seem to help me and I got off to uninterrupted sleep. I also nibble a little of the ginger root. I find it does seem to calm my system down. Even if you don’t get the same symptoms, perhaps it’ll help. I know even drinking water on its own helped and I mean pints! Now I’m following a full yeast free, dairy free diet. For the most part I don’t get the symptoms anymore and it did work fairly quickly.

My symptoms came from prescription drugs, the synthetic steroid hormones (including the “contraceptive pill” and corticosteroids) and antibiotics for many years. I know taking iron pills has also helped me, but I think this is more my individual solver rather than something applicable to everyone with Candidiasis.

However, you must follow the diet after all. Refined foods feed yeast all day and all night, this does contribute to insomnia. I noticed an improvement in my sleep but I still have it as an issue. I found Pro-gest helping me get into a sleep as well as taking additional minerals along with calcium and magnesium.