Candida Albicans: 4 Causes Which Allow This Yeast Infection To Grow

Candida Albicans is a yeast organism and is just one of the hundreds of types and strains of flora living in our gut. In fact, we carry around 4lb/1.8kilos of bacteria within our gut!

All this bacteria live happily together in the digestive tract and is kept under control by a healthy immune system and the presence of friendly bacterium.

When the balance of the gut flora is disturbed, a process known as dysbiosis, the candida can get out of control and proliferate, thus causing health problems to the individual.

What causes the overgrowth of this yeast organism?


Taking antibiotics, especially long-term has a devastating effect on our bodies’ eco-system.

Unfortunately antibiotics cannot distinguish between friendly and unfriendly bacteria so as well as killing the bacteria they have been prescribed for they also destroy the beneficial ones’. This then leaves your body defenceless to harmful flora like candida, allowing it to grow unchecked.

Sometimes it’s necessary to take antibiotics, so you should ensure that you re-populate the gut flora with a good quality probiotic supplement.

Cattle are often fed antibiotics to keep them healthy so it’s possible that residues could be found in meat and dairy products.

Use of the Pill/HRT

Both the Pill and HRT disturb the hormone levels in the body. Both of these products use synthetically made hormones or one’s made from animal products so both are unnatural to your body. It’s a known fact that candida thrives on progesterone and some women do suffer from thrush in the week leading up to their period.

Weakened Immune System

Candida is a yeast organism and as it grows it produces a number of toxins (79 the last time someone counted!) which attack the immune system. Once the immune system weakens the yeast infection will spread to other tissues around the body. Those who already have a weakened immune system through chemotherapy, AIDS/HIV are at risk of suffering from candidiasis. As the immune system becomes weaker it’s possible that body will develop allergies to moulds, perfumes and other environmental things.

As candida takes hold it changes form a yeast form to a fungal form and grows roots similar to those found on mouldy bread. These roots then burrow into the intestinal wall allowing the candida to enter the blood stream and travel around the body. It then colonises’ other parts of the body by burrowing into the tissues like muscles, joints etc


If you have a diet which is high in sugar and unrefined carbohydrates then you are giving candida the food it needs to grow. Did you know that we eat our own body weight in sugar each year? It’s easy to see why that could happen when you look at how much sugar is added to products these days.

Apart from all the cakes, desserts, biscuits, ice-creams and sweets we consume there is a lot of hidden sugar in items like ketchup, beans, breakfast cereals and fizzy drinks. The refined grains like white flour used in cakes and biscuits turns to glucose as soon as we eat it. This raises the blood sugar level in our bodies which then becomes a meal for the resident candida!

These are just four of the causes which allows candida to grow in abundance in our bodies, allowing it to cause havoc, over time, with our health.