Cancer Treatment in India – Lung Cancer

Medical Tourism is the most recent trend in privatization of healthcare services and is gaining prominence in developing countries like India. The term 'medical tourism' here is not tourism in real sense of the word ie it is not destination tourism rather it involves medical health package tourism. Tourism here refers to the provision of 'cost effective' private medical care in collaboration with the tourism industry for patients coming from foreign countries so that they could get good health care package.

Medical tourism or health care package tourism covers broad spectrum of medical services and has become a common form of vacationing. The objective of medical tourism package is to mingle wellness and healthcare with relaxation and leisure and to provide best of medical tour package to foreign patients.

India is a recent entrant into the global medical tourism map and medical tourism in India is at boom. McKinsey and the confederation of Indian Industry made a study and stated that medical tourism in India could become a $ 1 billion business by 2012. Government and private sector studies estimate that medical tourism in India is growing by 30 percent a year.

India has caught the attention of foreign patients with high quality treatment and services at private hospitals and those run by voluntary services. Some of the pluses offered in India are the international standard of medical attention, high-end equipments, personalized attention and minimum waiting period that too at a fraction of costs incurred overseas.

India with its culture and scenic beauty is becoming a popular medical tourism destination for foreign patients needing surgery and other specialized treatment and is providing cost effective medical tour packages. Many patients are pleased with the Indian Medical package tour like getting their tummy tucks with a trip to mesmerizing Tajmahal Agra.

Indian hospitals like Apollo are providing a nice blend of top-class medical expertise at affordable prices and thus are attracting foreign patients. Apollo hospitals are one of the leading medical corporations of India serving medical tourists from foreign countries.